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Our Story

LBC clinic 9 Pakin Building, 1st Floor, skin and aesthetic clinic

Face Reshaping without operation

Consultation, injection, and care are provided by doctors for all the cases


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2. What kind of services does the clinic provide?

The clinic has a valid license and is supervised by doctors. We provide skin and beauty services, face reshaping, wide face, baggy cheeks, sunken cheeks, high cheekbones, Botox, face and lift Filler, fat reduction, skin lifting,Thread lift, skin brightening, dull skin, and other services.


3. Why are the prices inexpensive? Are the services or medicines used genuine?

Our clinic uses authentic medicines certified by FDA Thailand. As we have many clients in a day, we are able to order a large amount of medicine at a lower price. We have many regular clients and are certain that the medicines we have are used day by day and are not nearly expired ones. Feel free to check the medicines or ask to see the certificate from the pharmaceutical company.
( As info below )

The medicines used in the clinic can be checked below.

The clinics that buy medicines from the companies can be checked easily. Just scan QR Code or you can enquire the companies directly.

Official certificate from Botulax pharmaceutical company.

Official Neuronox Distributor's Drug Certificate.

Restylane Filler (Sweden)
Caldera (Thailand) Company Limited
Call: 02-023-1800 Ext. 402

Eden Color (Thailand) Company Limited
Call: 02-4381363, 061-494-5496

Botox Neuronox
And Filler Neuramis
Mediceles Company Limited

Call: 02-412-8100 -2
Mobile: 092-273-8430

Filler Perfectha (France)
And Botox NABOTA
Inter Pharma Company Limited
Call: 02-634-0225

Filler Juvederm and Botox
allergan (America)
Allergan (Thailand) Company Limited
Call 02-640-4999

Innovation Beauty Company Limited
Call: 02-732-3395, 088-088-2358

Lipo Bella
Hero Cosmetics Care Company Limited
Call: 082-639-3564

Filler Belotero
Merz Healthcare (Thailand) Company Limited
Call: 02-229-9696

4. Is reservation required to receive services from the clinic?

The clinic is open daily from 12.00 - 20.00 hours.

For cases such as jaw or cheeks reduction injection and radiant skin injection, you can walk in from 12:00 – 18:00 hours.

If you wish to visit the clinic after 18:00 hours, please make a reservation via inbox or Line: @Lbcclinic (with the symbol @ in front). Or contact our hotline 092-3918811 and 092-6812211.

For cases such as Thread lift, filler and, please make a reservation before you visit the clinic.

If you are interested in our service, please contact our doctors and administrators. We are pleased to provide information to your satisfaction.

LBC Clinic Bangkok

Skin & Aesthetic Clinic

We provide high-quality beauty services such as Botox, Thread lift, Filler, Mesotherapy, Fat reduction and all kinds of skin treatments. We are dedicated to providing safe and lasting treatments for our clients with a team of qualified and experienced doctors.

For booking, kindly contact us via Facebook inbox

Call (+66) 92 3918811

Line ID: @Lbcclinic


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